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On a more mundane and random level…

  • My mouth hurts.
  • My face is massive. The puny-faced ranks of ordinary humanity quail before it.
  • Despite lacking the immediacy of Halo, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has my provisional approval for a) having a reasonably powerful sniper rifle and b) large enough environments to make it a practical weapon.
  • Decent television programming was co-opted last night by some cruise-ship disaster epic. Apparently this is what passes for entertainment anymore. Don’t people have enough uncertainty, pain, and fear in their actual lives?
  • On the other hand, FarScape is now being shown on network television, as I discovered when the abovementioned fiasco sent me scurrying for more uplifting programming. So I’ve officially seen my first FarScape episode. Not bad. Cheesy, but in a fun, intentional sure-we-only-have-ten-square-feet-of-set-but-so-what? sort of way.
  • Yes, this is all just a cry for help. Feel free to talk to me.
  • This software has an error-handling category called simply “glitch”. I think that’s brilliant. The next software design I create will have a single error category called OhNoItBroke which will elegantly account for all possible failure modes.
  • Tomorrow my dad leaves for India. Lucky bastard.
  • Not all who launder are wost.
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  1. I love your software category..

    of course, there should also probably be a further sub-cateory called something like “StupidUserSyndrome”

    1. Re: I love your software category..

      would the acronym be a typo for “SOS”?

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