Last night I packed up some things and drove down to my mom’s house. A painful process.

I know a few of my friends think that this isn’t the best arrangement for a separation, and I understand their concerns and partially agree. But if nothing else, I’m temporarily out of a place that causes me considerable psychic stress.

The commute turned out to be 45 minutes, so it’s not much worse than coming from PA.

I talked to my mom for a long time last night. It’s funny just how bad my lack of perspective is. It takes actually talking things out to someone for me to remember why it’s so important for things to change.

Lack of perspective is one of my biggest worries. I tend to see only the immediate situation. It’s so hard to get outside my own head and see the bigger picture when it comes to emotions. I don’t want to make [more] mistakes as a result of that.

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  1. I think for some of us, it isn’t so much about whether you choose to remain in that house or not, as the idea that you cannot afford to live alone because you continue to pay for that house. Part of what you deserve a break from is paying for anyone but yourself.

    I am however sure all your friends support you emotionally no matter how much we may snipe at individual decisions 😉

    Like I said, I’ll be up a lot this weekend, both clubwise and to help elfie and pie move – when I have more exact details, I’ll email them.

  2. I’m currently going through a seperation and what seems like an eminent divorce. Although this arrangement may not be something people see as completely “ideal” it is the one you and Stacey came to. I hope that you will not allow outside voices/forces to “influnce” how you conduct your seperation and relationship with her.

    I honestly think it is pretty stand up that you are still willing to be of some financial assistance until she can become more financially stable so she doesn’t have to move all the way to Florida. Sure, in an ideal world you both would be in your “seperate” spaces without any of the past energy floating around but sometimes that just isn’t possible or the better “ideal”.

    As you know I’m going through my own relationship stuff. My thoughts are with both of you. *hugs*

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the support.

      1. I know you and I don’t talk often. I see a lot of myself in Stacey. A lot of the same behaviors and such. I hope that I can help her not make the same mistakes I’ve made (albeit we are different ppl). But this doesn’t mean I don’t try to see both of you.

  3. Sometimes you need some time away.

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