I’ve started running again. I’ve gone running most days this week.

Meditating, too.

You’re supposed to explicitly write down your exercise goals and reward yourself when you reach them, so: three months from last Sunday, if I’m still running, I’m going to get myself a running outfit. Not because I think I really need high-performance hyperclothing in order to run more effectively. But because I’ve always thought that sweatsuits look like ass. Sheer vanity, in other words.

I need new shoes, too.

I articulated to my mom last night one of the reasons I like to read several books at a time. If you’re in the middle of four different books, you will discover synchronicities between them. It doesn’t matter what books they are; one could be a history of pre-Christian mystery religions and another could be a sci-fi pulp novel. You will find surprising concidences and confluences and conflicts. Multiple input streams stimulate the human brain. The end result is that you think harder about what you’re reading, you have ideas you wouldn’t otherwise have had, and you remember the material better. If you’re only reading one book, I highly recommend investing in bookmarks and picking up a second and a third and maybe more.

I was shocked to discover it was Friday this morning. This week has gone by fast.

I’m thinking bout going to Ascension tonight. I’m not going to make my final decision until I get home from work.

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  1. I’m tickled pink you’re back into the habit! You remember how I was encouraging you to do this? It’s good for you!

    I’m glad you made mention of your going to Ascension tonight. I’ll make a point to not be there. Not for any malicious reason, just so you can have your space. I was giving it thought, but now that I know – you can feel at ease.

    Good luck in your endeavors! Looking forward to seeing you Sunday night!

  2. wow what a great idea about the multiple books at once.

    It would be very interesting to read very different books at the same time and then find the connection between them all

  3. one could argue that the same effect is possible reading one book and being open to correlating it to their real life, news, etc etc – reading multiple books at once is hardly the only way to acheive that effect đŸ˜‰

    and yes, you should go to ascension tonight!

    1. No, it’s certainly not the only way, but I find that the effect is much more noticeable with books – synchronicities just jump out at me without any conscious effort. I’m not sure why.

  4. I used to always be reading 5-7 books at the same time. Now…. I have 5-7 textbooks I should be reading all at the same time.

    1. i can agree with that

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