Like every Tolkien fan, I have a few beefs with Peter Jackson’s take on The Lord of the Rings, although taken as a whole I think the movies are a triumph. But there is at least one scene in which I actually prefer the movie version. The fall of Boromir, which is only alluded to in the book, never fails to choke me up. Boromir fighting to defend the hobbits even as he is wounded and dying… I get sniffly just thinking about it.

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  1. Oh, gee! I wonder if we were watching that at the same time tonight.

  2. You watching TNT too?

  3. TNT has had some really good movies on as of late. Gotta love self sacrifice for the saftey of others

  4. I have been obsessively watching LoTRs recently. The one part that annoys me is when they are lighting the fires for help for Gondor and you see the highest peaks of snowy mountains without any possible life form to survive all of a sudden light up in flame.. it is like.. um yeah…. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!

    But other from taht I am completely in love with it (except sometimes Samwises Speeches that are all sappy make me want to barf)

    1. I dunno… the signal fires of Gondor are canonical… men lived at those remote posts, on constant watch should the need ever arrive to light the fires. True, those were some pretty darn high mountains… but then, how else could they be seen so far away?

      I told my mom about the homosexual subtext some people see between Sam and Frodo, and now she can’t look at those scenes the same way again. Every time Sam or Frodo would say something sappy she would start to crack up 🙂

  5. I have the etended editions, and they are better than the theater versions, but they also are explaining why they do certain things in the movie, like add the love stories, and stuff. But you still can’t beat the books.

  6. I agreed, it bore “redemption” and I truly loved that scene.

    Alas, the scene that most pieved me was the one where Aragorn uses (I just spaced out the name of the seeing orbs). In the book, he wrestled long and hard against Sauron as I rememeber and wrested control away from Sauron sending for the first time “fear into the heart of Sauron”. And I think Peter Jackson missed that element and it’s profound nobility.


  7. something totally different..

    hey.. speaking of “sniffly,” as someone who, like me, seems to have a distinct thing for songs that like to reach right in and grad your emotions and make you experience them.. (especially some of the “sad” ones)…

    I was wondering if you have heard ‘Right Where it Belongs’ by NIN off the new album.. I was listening to it today, and it made me think of other songs that got to me.. and that made me remember that you also like such things…

    if you don’t have a copy.. let me know and I can get you it.. (or you can go buy the new album, which is, overall, quite good!

    1. Re: something totally different..

      Unlike 99% of my peers, NIN never really did much for me. I recognize Trent’s talent, I like some of the music, but it never got me in the gut. However, I’d be happy to give it a listen.

      1. well..

        in case you want to listen, I’ve uploaded it to here.

        It’s a fairly philosophical song, in a very existentialist kind of way… best listened to with headphones or on a good stereo system…

        lyrics for it are all over the web..

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