Holy cow…

…Dell’s outlet store moves fast. The selection changes every time you hit refresh, and if you hesitate for a few seconds on a good deal, someone else has already reserved it. Scary.

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  1. Duuuude, you’re getting a Dell…just not this one…lol

  2. So, what’s that mean for you? Did you lose out?

  3. actually, take another look in like 10 minutes…

    you reserve a unit by looking at it closely and considering it, and they keep it off the “available” board for a certain amount of time automatically. It might not mean that the unit you were interested in is really “off the market”.

    but yeah, they seem to move fast regardless…

  4. i like my dell inspiron. course, i don’t need it to do just about anything you would make it do so…yeah:) i like my dell.

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