OK, that’s it. Some fucker hijacked my account. I happened to be at my PC when the “your password has been changed” email came in, and I was able to change the password again quickly enough that it looks like no harm was done; but this is not cool. No more LJ for me.

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  1. What the hell… Why would someone want to hack your LJ?

  2. Don’t go!!!

    who will I argue with???

  3. For what it’s worth, there are half a dozen ways someone could have gotten your password that have nothing to do with LiveJournal itself.

    If you leave, I will miss you.

      1. Well, for one, though it’s unlikely, someone could have gotten a keylogger on your system. I believe adware will detect and erase these, but I’m not sure.

        More likely is this scenario: Many services online require you to register. Some quiz-taking sites ask you to create a user name and password, for example. If you’re anything like most people you use the same password for everything. So it’s simply a matter of one of those sites capturing that password and seeing where it works.

        What was your theory? Do you think someone hacked Lj for your password?

  4. You can check out but you can never leave.

    Internet habits are hard to break.

  5. It was all me, bitch. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. You sure it wasn’t a phishing email that you just changed your password to something that they NOW know? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. So your password was actually changed?

  8. i will miss you much, there is always myspace, hehe, *hugs

  9. There’s been a wave of hacking across all of lj, actually. My journal was hacked, icons deleted and layout changed. From what I understand, in my case anyway, it was a mozilla-specific exploit involving java-scripting that got the info via my cookie.

    So now, I use a utility to disable java-scripting on lj, bind the cookie to my ip address, and don’t leave lj logged in when I’m done. *shrug*

    It’s sucks, but there you go. There’s info on it from lj here. Seriously, some people are such wankers.

    1. also ps: that was by way of an explaination and an exhortation to stick around. It’s not someone targeting you specifically (probably) – just a wave of haxxors with a grudge against ljabuse. ^^;;

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