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At last! The new Firefox extension completely clobbers all hints of the Firefox bookmarks system as if it never were, remaking bookmarks into it’s own blasphemous image.  Blasphemous, that is, against the idiotic, braindead, moribund paradigm of heirarchical organization.  Between my need for bookmarks which follow me wherever I go, and my abject disdain for the heirarchical model, Firefox’s bookmarks have long irked me as an outmoded anachronism on my otherwise shiny new browser; a vestigial irritant upon my ontological sensibilities.  But no more!  Now my browser, like my internets, is full of tags – folksonomical identifiers of the gods.

In other news, after coming ot look at my PC about an unrelated problem, the IT lady observed that my hard drive had the magnetic storage equivalent of engine sludge – it was fragmented and nearly out of space.  The latter complaint was entirely my fault; I have a bad habit of leaving linux install ISOs lying around.  But the former took me by surprise – surely in this age of advanced operating systems we don’t still have to worry about fragmentation?  Alas, apparently in Windows we do; and so as I write this a million tiny autistic gnomes are grumbling their way through my cluttered data, lining the bits up just so.

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