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  • Is anyone else unsatisfied by the explanations of Rumsfield’s abrupt departure?  The consensus seems to be that he was offered as a peace offering/scapegoat to the New Democratic majority, but somehow that doesn’t sound like the whole story to me.  If it were just about mollifying Pelosi & Co. they could have waited a few days.  Is there something that a Democratic House could do to him while still in office, that they can’t do to him now that he’s a civilian?
  • I’m on a new diet to complement my weight lifting regimen.  I had previously been under the impression that in order to build muscle mass, you have to eat like a horse.  It turns out this is incorrect.  In order to bulk up it is necessary to eat one actual horse, every day.
  • The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin was over all too quickly.  Fortunately, I hear that one or two other books have been written about him.
  • In what obscure subculture is the phrase “Daddy is my boyfriend”, when uttered by an adolescent girl, not considered cause for a call to Social Services?  If you picked conservative Christianity, you win!  Ya know, I don’t pick on fundies all that much in this journal, because that’s the background I come from and I think that they are as often misunderstood as they are justly mocked.  But the video linked above is just deeply creepy.  I have heard of programs which encourage young men and women to maintain their purity by affiancing themselves, so to speak, to God.  But telling girls to transfer their teenage desire for a lover onto their actual fathers… eww.  Just eww.
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  1. Will you be my daddy?

    Just kidding..

    As for Rumsfeld… I also find it weird… Yes, I’m happy the incompetent son-of-a-bitch is gone… but I found his quick departure very odd…
    Was it a preemptive move? I don’t get it. What does Bush gain by this? Sympathy? Just last week he said Rumsfeld was doing aheckuvajob! and now he just accepts his resignation?
    Was Bush lying? or does he not stick by his personnel now?
    It’s odd..

    As for eating–if you don’t want to actually eat an entire horse, you can also try to be like Popeye. I’ve come to discover that a can of cooked spinach has 15 grams of protein in it.. (as well as tons of Vitamin A, 60% of your calcium, 30% of your iron and a day’s worth of C)… which makes it the equivalent of two pieces of Cheese without any of the fat.
    I personally eat it straight with some garlic and hot sauce.. but it also goes great with cous cous and tomatos (and spices) or with rice and mushrooms (& chicken).

    1. Re: Will you be my daddy?

      I dunno, 3700 calories is a lot of spinach…

      1. Re: Will you be my daddy?

        You’ll have to start eating like my brother, three meals a day with “snacks” of two bowls of ice cream and half a pie. I promise I’m not joking. At his school they give them 1200 dollars for food to last thirteen weeks and he ran out by week 7. Granted the food is expensive. So he pretends to be a Jew because they can afford lots of food at their social functions.

      2. Wuss…

        Popeye could eat it… 😉

        In any case.. 3700 calories is a lot.. but I figure you want a lot of protein calories out of all of those… so.. if you want it concentrated in size.. then lamb appears to be the way to go…

        ~10 oz (300 grams) of roast lamb breast has 1200 calories…

        So.. just fry one of those fuckers up with some cheese, and I’m sure you will knock about half of your daily calories off right there…

        1. Re: Wuss…

          Gah! Ahhh!

          Please, low-fat cheese.

    2. Re: Will you be my daddy?

      The trouble with canned spinach is the sodium content alone.

      I like to sautée fresh baby spinach with minced garlic in olive oil and serve it up with some grain. (couscous, rice, whatever).

  2. Holy hell..

    was that creepy…

    I like the comments made by people tho.. about having to go boil their computers to remove the stain from that video…

    1. Re: Holy hell..

      Yeah… a lot of times these things are funny just because they look bad, or they make unfortunate word choices… but this one really creeped me out. Take a bunch of likely frustrated churchgoing men… with uptight, aging wives who don’t look as good as they used to… and a moral environment that forces them to repress their sexual urges… and tell them to go romance their pubescent daughters… eep.

  3. Rummy

    James Baker, Gates and a few others were part of an Iraq Studies group
    that canvassed the region and talked to the right people. Recall, Baker was SecState during Gulf War I, knows the players personally, yet has no ties to bind him to an outcome.
    So, Gates has had plenty of time to study the situation.
    A speculative take on the matter is here:

    IMHO, Bush did the right thing and stuck by his henchman, avoiding accusations of Kerry-itis by throwing Rummy under the bus in August to try to save the election.
    Once the will of the peeps has been voiced, it now becomes a matter of serving the people to replace the SecDef, as opposed to making cynical offerings.
    More darkly, you can see this as early ’08 blame management: the Dems want change, and they’ve got the booger on them now, too.

    1. Re: Rummy

      Very interesting analyses…

  4. I think the timing was right for Rummy to leave. Bush was trying to change his tune about Iraq, and was looking for an easy excuse to change tactics without having to admit the whole thing was/is a total failure.
    With Rummy gone, the tune can change dramatically without Bush having to resign himself.

    From Rummy’s perspective, he is probably happy to jump off the ship and avoid having to deal with Democrats that oppose everything he does.

    It is likely a win-win for everyone involved.

    Be carefull about building muscle mass, if you decide in the future not to keep it up, it all goes to flab. I prefer slightly out of shape and skinny to bulky today, beefcake now, and huge flab-monster later.

    I won’t even click on that link….. I’m still in absolute denial that my daughter has boobs.

    1. Dude…

      I’ve got to deal with Jasmine…

      1. Re: Dude…

        I hear ya…

        I see her Myspace stuff sometimes and have to remind myself that she is nowhere near as old as she looks….

      2. …and we’ve got Lily…

    2. I won’t even click on that link….. I’m still in absolute denial that my daughter has boobs.

      You think you’ve got problems… these days when we go out together, people think The Princess and I are peers… or that she’s older than me. When I took her trick-or-treating someone thought she was 21 (she’s 11).

  5. Hurray for Rumsfelds departure, irritation at his incompetence is something that I tend to think moderate dems and republicans alike could agree on. And as much as I dislike him, I would much rather see him leave of his own accord than be impeached. Typically when a party impeaches someone it is terrible for their pr.

    As for daddy, ugh. There is no counterculture in which calling a boyfriend daddy is not creepy. Even less so when it actually is daddy.

  6. Totally off topic. . .

    Rememebr our PC/Mac ad spoof?

    We missed the boat.

    These guys do some other pretty funny spoofs, so check them out.

    “Macs don’t get viruses? I wish someone told me that before I fucked 12 PCs!”

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