I should probably note, before anything else, that I am fine. The ear infection was as brief as it was sudden; by Thursday I was up to joining my mom’s side of the family for a Thanksgiving feast at Washington’s Crossing, and by Friday I was more or less fine.

Took advantage of the gorgeous weather Saturday to take the family and shadowandlight for a 5-mile hike around Lake Williams (beautiful), followed by tennis (fun), followed by a truncated game of Cthulhu 500 (also fun), followed by the Star Wars Episode 1 RiffTrax (hilarious).

Oh, we seem to have a dog now. She is mostly Dalmation, quiet, and one of the least unpleasant canines it has been my profound displeasure not to be able to avoid meeting (with apologies to Marvin).

Sunday I read The Golden Compass, a book I had picked up for The Princess awhile back. It turned out to be one of the most inventive and intriguing alternate-universe fantasies I’ve read. Highly recommended, and I’m looking forward to reading books two and three of the trilogy.

Troegs Mad Elf is one of the better holiday brews I’ve sampled. It’s flavored with cherries and honey, and has a lovely ruby red color. Not to be taken lightly, it’s seriously rich, and contains 11% ABV.

Started listening to The World is Flat, by Tom Friedman, today. A few “duh” moments so far (you’re a renowned international journalist and you think nobody predicted the leveling effects of the information revolution before 2000?!), but I trust deeper insights will emerge as I get further into the approximately 4 hojillion CDs of this unabridged audio book.

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