Feed Hacking

I finally caught up on tagging (oops, I’m sorry, “categorizing”) all my feeds in Google Reader.

Just for fun, here’s a feed of all the blogs I read which are related in some way or another to the subject of individual liberty.

And here’s a list of the sites which go into that feed:

27B Stroke 6
Armed and Dangerous
Asymmetrical Information
Bureaucrash – Join the Resistance!
Center for a Stateless Society
Coyote Blog
Distributed Intelligence
Dynamist Blog
EFF: Breaking News
Free Form
Gene Healy
Hammer of Truth
Hit and Run
Houston's Clear Thinkers
Lessig Blog
Liberty For All
Notes from the Lounge
Positive Liberty
Rational Review
The Commons Blog
The Libertarian Guy ™
The Militant Libertarian
The Volokh Conspiracy
To the People
Walter In Denver

Seems like there ought to be more. Anyone got any favorite liberty-related blogs that I’m not reading?

And finally, for the technically inclined, here’s the Ruby one-liner (ish) that I used to pull the above list out of an exported OPML file, with some formatting to make it readable:

ruby -rrexml/document -e"
    '//outline[@title=\"liberty\"]/outline') {|e| 
      puts %Q(<a href=\"#{e.attributes['htmlUrl']}\">#{e.attributes['text']}</a>)

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  1. There ought to be more? It looks like you laready must spend all day reading. 🙂

    1. That’s actually a tiny subset of the 473 feeds I’m subscribed to.

      And that doesn’t count livejournals.

      1. Wow, do you speed read, only look at what catches your eye?

        1. Yeah. I scan through my Reader and LJ Friends page periodically, and read the items which look interesting. And I’ve always been a fast reader.

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