Be prepared

It’s important to be reminded now and then that even in 21st century USA, you can still find yourself in a survival situation when you least expect it. Wonderfully resourceful woman. I hope and pray that her husband is found alive.

This reminds me, I’ve been composing a list for awhile of items to include in an emergency car kit. What essential items would you put in an emergency kit?

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  1. 1. first aid kit
    2. light, of some type
    3. large blanket
    4. tire iron
    5. jack

    Anything else beyond that is probably nonessential but nice to have. A good candidate would be a combination tire inflator + light, cigarette lighter socket powered. Great to have if your tire goes flat and you discover your spare is also nearly flat since it’s lost air over time and you never bothered to check it… (HINT: Check your spare tire’s pressure tonight if you haven’t recently)

    1. Other junk I carry-

      Small wrench set
      Combination screwdriver
      1 quart of oil
      Tire gauge
      Plug-in cig. lighter socket voltmeter (shows electrical system voltage with a red/yellow/green light indicating battery/alternator charging quality — yeah this is a tad overboard

      and I think that’s about it.

  2. Hmm, so the 3 19″ rack RAID arrays I have in my trunk are useless huh?


  3. I always keep a blanket, first aid items, oil, water, flippy knife, ummm there’s other junk in there but I think that all I keep on purpose. Flashlight! and maps. Ramen. salt and pepper and untensils, but those aren’t really essential, just nice to have at school and stuff.

  4. MRE type food – Face it, most of us are not going to be able to hunt our own
    Wool blanket – Warmth even when wet, padding for sleeping on, can be used in first aid situations if torn up.
    pillow – I am a fan of comfort
    Multitool – can be useful
    Foil emergency blanket – more warmth
    Votive candles (good for both light and warmth in a small car)
    Mag Penlight – light is good
    First aid kit – in emergencies this is good
    Compass – assuming you know how to use one
    Hatchet – Also good for cutting wood and can be used as a hammer.
    Sensible boots – better for walking than sneakers or loafers
    Fix a flat cans – if its just a flat tire…
    Lighter or matches – self explanatory
    Rope – Can always use rope
    Backpack for carrying it all if you really need to hoof it.

  5. Here’s a link about that.;_ylt=AspfDaEt7tlibX3HazqtWuwrLpA5 Thought honestly I think most of those things are overkill unless you might actually be stuck in the wilderness. Not that I know eveyrwhere you drive but it doesn’t seem likely you drive many places wher you would realistic get stuck in the wilderness, even if lost. Course you could always pop it in your car for those times when you feel like taking off into the woods.

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