This is the part where I chicken out

The plan is: go to Ascension @ Orpheus in Baltimore and dance the night away.

…but it’s cold out there… and raining… and the rain will most likely freeze, making the roads slick… and I hate driving into the city at the best of times… and this time it will be crowded, and the streets full of drunken crazy drivers… and will there be parking?… and it’s awfully warm in here…

Gah… I do this every !@*&ing time…

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  1. The city is undoubtedly warmer so freezing won’t be a problem. The mundane challenges of getting there and back are fantasies in your head. Fuck it, just go!

  2. I’d offer my house as a crash space, if I were home. But consier it an open invitation anytime you’re in the city late at night and don’t feel like driving all the way to shrewsbury.

  3. I hope you went….

    and happy new years!

    just remember the sentiment from Mark Twain whenever you have such questions:

    :If you resolve to give up smoking, drinking and loving, you don’t actually live longer; it just seems longer.”

    Dancing, I’m sure, would fit right in there… so don’t ever give it up.. and just go do it..

  4. sorry you didnt make it out, would have been great to see you. i am hoping to bee out more this year, likely mostly on first fridays of the month when peter and kimber are in

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