The IRS could be worse…

…if you lived in Sweden, you’d have to consult with them before naming your child.

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  1. Wow.

    If I ever decide to (or accidentaly) spawn, I’m naming the child after my favorite metal band NECROPHAGIST.

    One day, we’ll find the stupid gene.

  2. hahahaha….

    Germany also has one of those laws about what are “acceptable” names for girls and boys and that was one of the most idiotic things that I found over there….

    that.. and the fact that the local community could tell you what your house could look like–it had to fit certain models so that the “neighborhood” looked “appropriate.”

    Disgusted me… and you know what a commie pinko liberal I am..

  3. Sweden is terrifying. Metallica actually almost sounds cute.

  4. Denmark is the same way. My brother-in-law and his girlfriend live there, aren’t even citizens, and still had to submit “Morgan” for approval for their baby.

    I guess the state figures they’re owed since they pay medical costs and like $200 a month stipend to everyone who has a kid…but still…

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