The first in a long line of entries containing no pictures of my new hair.

Back at work after two days off for recovery.  I was feeling a lot better yesterday, but I still had vertiginous moments, so I opted to stay home and sit on the porch drinking tea and going through my [physical] inbox.

Bright side to ear/sinus infections: an excuse to use the term “vertiginous”.

Passover is fast approaching.  I’ve been tasked with coming up with an abbreviated/irreverent version of the service.  Suggestions and resources welcome.

I need to get on the ball with LARP stuff.  The women of Westeros aren’t going to seduce themselves… it’s just so hard to set aside time for it, what with Passover preparations, household tasks, weekend recreation, personal projects – in fact, pretty much everything else in my life – taking precedence.

Speaking of Westeros, I’m having a really hard time getting into the third book in A Song of Ice and Fire.  I have a limited tolerance for unmitigated gloom.  If everything but Daenarys’ story – and maybe Tyrion’s story – had been cut, I think I’d enjoy it a lot more.

This morning I had my first full and complete workout in a long time.  My workouts had been getting cut off due to time constraints or other issues.  I feel sore, in a good way 🙂

Best part: getting through two full sets of Romanian deadlifts without having to stop because my grip failed.  I was getting sick of my hands being the weakest link.

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  1. hey, i will be in baltimore tonight at some point, going to the depot. give me a call. 773.827.1360

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