We have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.

Ahhh.  With the new car bought, taxes more or less finished, and Passover over with I am experiencing a small but welcome amount of slack in my life.  Not a lot, just enough that I am actually getting closer to being on top of things, instead of falling further and further behind.  I almost have my filing up to date and soon I’ll be able to do my first real weekly review (it’s a GTD thing) in weeks.

Also been getting up before 6AM on week days and working out consistently.  Although I seem to have pulled something in my shoulder this morning.  Ow.

Anyway, hopefully this means I can get back on the ball with LARP stuff, among other things.

Moron Quote of the Day, from NPR:

“I wish the government would force me to stop smoking” –Chinese Citizen

Communism:  Turning humans into mindless cattle since 1917.

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  1. Speaking of LARP, are you game for the BGE on April 14th?

  2. People don’t needs communism to turn them into mindless cattle….

  3. China has been forcing conformity and compliance on its people for millenia. Communism is just a new hat to a very old master.

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