[Phone rings.  Unknown number is displayed.]




Hello… Gregory?

Sorry, there’s no “Gregory” here.

Did I dial the right number?

How am I even supposed to answer a question like that?

The sad thing is that I’ve received more than one call like this.

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  1. Well maybe they think that you mean gregory just stepped out for a minute of that their used to be a gregory but he moved. This crazy lady has been calling me for a couple of days thinking I’m her sister. First she left me a message on my voicemail, because you know “Kimberley” sound so much like “Diana” particularly when I say it. Then she actually got a hole of me once and after saying hello several times I asked who it was and she said ask who I was then said she was trying to call her sister Diana and that why She guessed she didn’t recognize my voice (she only guessed that was why?) then she kind of mumbled about this or that and didn’t really seem to want to get off the phone like if she kept talking maybe I’d admit that really I was diana and I just had a cold. So Then I hung up, and she called right back. Which I hate because if it wasn’t the right number the first time it won’t be if you keep calling it.

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