I fear we have fallen into the hands of rank incompetents

So our DSL access is down at home.  If you have trouble getting into contact with Stacey or myself, that’s why. We still have our phones, though, so we can get email.

I’m not going to recount the whole story of why, except to say that it started with getting a letter from a company I’d never heard of, informing “Ms. Grimm” in “Shrewsburg” that they had disconnected her DSL service and demanding payment for a cancellation fee.

Let’s just say that it’s a case of outsourcing gone badly wrong, to the point that getting the job done in India probably would have been a major improvement.

Yesterday wasn’t all suck, though.  I ditched work early, bought some used XBox games for my new box (TimeSplitters and Call of Cthulhu), hung out with

 for a couple hours, and then Stacey took me out to open mic night at Serenity Station for dinner.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t realize Seven Valleys had any form of intelligent life in it. I should slow down next time I’m rolling through small towns like that 😉

  2. Yeah, the stories I could tell you of DSL service (and lack of it).

    Once had the telephone company bounce me around several times. They eventually transferred me to the “Western Train Company” (which had much better service, albeit, I wasn’t really interested in booking a train ticket).

    You’d think, of all the companies in the world, the one that would know it’s own phone numbers would be the phone company – wouldn’t you?

    – Saj

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