Way too much stuff happening this time of the year

Dear people who organize festivals: why are you so obsessed with late September/early October?  I swear there are a half-dozen interesting events going on every single weekend in that period.  Spread it around a little!  Could I interest you, perhaps, in some prime timeslots in January or March?

Yet another of the many reasons we need at least six months of autumn.

So I was planning on going to the MD Microbrewery Festival yesterday, but when I couldn’t get anyone to go with me and I woke up with the same head cold the kids have, I decided to just take it easy.  Today I went to the Mother Earth Harvest Faire, despite the continuing cold and a strangely sore knee and neck (somnambulant kung-fu?  Who can say?).  Had fun tagging along with Stacey as she made the rounds visiting all the people she knows in the local organic/sustainable living community.  By 1:30 I was feeling pretty fatigued, so we came home and I crashed while Stacey knitted.

I just finished going through my inbox.  Now I think I’m going to go lie down again – my neck hurts like hell.

Man, if I’d realized what a boring post this was going to be, I wouldn’t have taken the time to write it 😛

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  1. Well, you could pick the date for the January LAN party if you’re interested… I don’t think I have picked one yet…

  2. hehehehe.

    We have no winter here, but only about 4 months of fall/autumn and a week of slightly cold.

    November/December/January/February, then it gets hot and nasty again.

    Post wasn’t SO boring. Not REALLY.

  3. Didn’t even know there was a MD Microbrewery Festival yesterday. Would’ve joined you….


    1. Doh, I should have called you.

      Although it was probably good I kept my sick butt home and rested rather than passing the cold around.

      1. Probably…

        That said, I desperately need an excuse for beer sampling. And drinking alone is just no fun. But with the little one, wife and I can’t go to Cobblestone’s together.

        So I’m almost to the point of “buying”… (at least the first round)


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