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  1. ah, chipotle. from the “your colon is evil and deserves to be punished” camp.
    (I do love their burritos though, and I’m not even a fan of mexican.)

  2. And a danged tasty black as well. 🙂

  3. *looks at her dinner…* but oh so tasty burrito bol!!

  4. It’s become ubiquitous. Who woulda thunk that smoked, dried peppers would become all the culinary rage?

  5. Yes! Yes! I am so goth, I only dress in chipotle! muwahahaha!!

  6. Is that the burritto restaurant, one of which is in Hunt Valley?

    1. I understand that it is a kind of pepper.

      It is also the basis for a popular new(?) restaurant chain, a newly introduced variety of Tobasco sauce, a new burrito from McDonalds, and lord knows what else.

      Hence the post.

      The restaurant chain, incidentally, is good; although I think I may prefer their competition Qdoba.

  7. You’re just figuring this out now? Where have you been, dear? 🙂

    I’ve heard good things about Qdoba, about how they blow Chipotle out of the water. And I love Chipotle. So that’s a tough task to undertake.

    Haven’t had the chance to have Qdoba yet, though.

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