A good summation of why Tarantino’s work repulses me: http://ping.fm/GCVvr

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  1. I agree on many points:

    I hid under the covers, cried, and demanded a break from Resevoir dogs when I first saw it. I would not watch this film again.

    I cried when they accidently shot the kid in Pulp Fiction, even though it was supposed to be funny – which I find fucked up.

    However, I gotta defend Kill Bill. Kill Bill doesn’t bother me because the violence is not serious – it’s cartoony. The artistic swordfighting is realistic, but the spurting veins and yelling looks like an anime. So that film empowers me, and I watch it every time I have a bad day. It even inspired a song that I wrote.

    Did he do El Mariachi and Desperado? Those were actually well done too, I thought – and the violence did not seem unlike most other action movies.

    1. El Mariachi and Desperado were by his pal Rodriguez, not by Tarantino.

      1. k i coulda googled 🙂

  2. hmmm..

    I guess I never had the same expectations of his films that this critic seemed to have. I especially find his points about the lack of any real “moral vision” to be strange. I never expected to watch pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, kill bill, etc., and come away with anything that would speak to me on a moral/ethical level.

    They were stories.. yes, stories can be morality tales.. but they need not be.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I tend not to view what I consider entertainment to have much to do with how I structure and create meaning and truth in my life. Entertainment is about amusement–not happiness–and I don’t expect to find “moral vision” in pulp fiction any more than I expect to find it in the movie “Underworld.”

    1. Re: hmmm..

      I’m with the guy/gal with the best user icon ever.

      I hate Tarantino films because I am really squeamish about non-consensual violence.

      But a film is a film, and it doesn’t have to mean something grand and moral to be a well made film.

      Tagnetially: Sign and signified. . .am I post modern? Ack! That’s one of the basics of modern linguistics.

      1. cool…

        .. the the non-consensual violence in his films is so fake gore-tastic that it doesn’t get to me..

        .. the implied, never shown, violence that occurs in the film “The Celebration” (a Danish film by Thomas Vinterberg “Festen” in Danish) freaks me out way more..

        Go see “The Celebration”– (Avdi–you too!) It’s a serious film and doesn’t have any gimmicks, but the violence that it deals with is horrific, and it doesn’t ever have to show you any of it.

        ps–we are all post modern–whether we want to be or not.. I just make postmodernism my bitch and that seems to work out just fine.

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