Eventually they will run out of hours in the day and wonder why children still aren’t learning http://ping.fm/YHVjl

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  1. They can do that if they want. Let’s see. My work hours are 7.5. Add 3 hours? That’s 10.5 hours? So – would I work 10 hour days or would they cut my planning time? UH……

    That’s fine. If you increase school by 25%, either by adding days or horus, pay me 25% more. So…I get to make $75,000 a year. Sounds grueling, but I’ll have a hot tub.

    But right now, they don’t even have money to pay me what they’re supposed to pay me. So – if they can’t pay, he can expect an angry NEA.

  2. This. . .this makes my blood boil. I have so far kept my political leanings in the realm of finding alternatives to public school, but if this bullshit passes I will be organizing picketing squads.

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