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  1. Interesting…

    .. nothing that I didn’t know…but then my mother’s family were beer brewers that got shut down in Prohibition–so I’ve had a personal view on the whole story there since I was a kid…

    .. only thing that I would quibble about was at the end–and it was a side point–that being that the golden age of alcohol is changing vis-a-vis (sp?) the recession–and now people are more into quality than quantity.

    That may be true for upper middle class elites who already go to farmers markets etc (and I include both you and I in that class even though I rarely, if ever, make it to a farmer’s market), but I’m very much doubting that is the case when we are talking about working class folks who are under more economic pressure–and are probably the largest consumers of alcohol anyway..

    During all my trips to Woodman’s liquor store (best selection and cheapest prices in town), my offhand anecdotal evidence would be that cheaper beer consumption (and cheaper spirits consumption) has actually increased during the recession at the expense of higher quality alcohol..

    Obviously–this is just anecdotal and doesn’t really have much to do with the author’s main point… but is just something that tempers my appreciation of those later minor pronouncements..

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