“Fandoms” baffle me. Doyle wrote Holmes as asexual, therefore he is asexual. End of speculation. http://ping.fm/gKQaz

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  1. Yes yes – but this is exactly why I wouldn’t read Doyle….or The Belgariad. Or any other male-is-the-hero story where the characters are asexual and above human.

    At least Tolkien’s romance was EPIC, though an afterthought in the apendix, I must have focussed on THAT glance of love, more than I did on the features of the dark lord and all his armies – but maybe It’s ‘cuz I am a girl.

    I’m not big on silly slash pairings, but I’ve maybe met a handfull of actual asexual people in my entire life, and when authors write their characters that way (and it’s not a feature of the character – a story about an actual asexual dealing with it would be cool) I just can’t believe the characters. That’s the problem for me with so much of the sci fi. I love sci-fi! I hate sci-fi written by men about little boys. And then if it’s sexy – it’s sexist (I’m pointing at Mr. Pierce Anthony and his heroine who is the slave of her period.)

    Now I realize that in victorian times – it wasn’t talked about so much – and yet they were called “romantics.” Huh.

    So- I guess you didn’t like the movie?

  2. So, you expect ‘fans’ to read the original??? There’s no fun in that!

  3. Ya know…

    …it just occurred to me that almost all of the book religions could pretty much be considered fandoms of the original religious works (Torah, Bible, Koran)…


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