OK this is a crazy question, but how do the dancers in music videos/stage shows get started?

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  1. Practice, practice, practice. For the videos, you file with an agency. For the stage, you audition and/or file with an agency to be able to audition. Depending on where you are, there are also guild considerations: AFTRA, SAG and/or Equity.

  2. They go to a casting call posted on the internet or BEG their brothers friends boyfriends to be a video ho.

    it’s luck

  3. Well, the saying “Who you know, and who you blow” came from somewhere, right?

  4. I interpret your question is a more literate manner. That is when shooting the video, how to the dancers know when to start dancing?

    The dancers are attached to battery. The wires are attached to their “starter motors”. Current starter motors use AC and the current from the battery is DC, so an alternator is used in-line to convert DC to AC.

    When the director wants to start the take, a technician turns the ignition key and everything works!

    There’s also an iPod app for this, I think.

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