York County: land of a thousand secret enclaves

You know what phrase I am sick of hearing? “I never knew about that”

“We have CSAs in York County? I never knew about that” (Yeah, only for
like a decade)

“Fairy Festival? What’s that?”

“There are drum circles here?” (At least one every weekend)

“Is anybody coworking in York?” (I’ve only been flooding Twitter with
@yorkcoworking spam since February)

“I haven’t met any cool people in this area besides you guys” (Have you LOOKED?)

“York Emporium? What’s That?”

“Chris Davis benefit? Who is that?”

“There aren’t any good restaurants in York County”

“There’s nothing to do”

“What’s ThinkDrink?”

“Let’s start a music and arts festival in York County! There couldn’t possibly be anything else going on that
weekend” (Oh, only the the Yorkfest Fine Arts Festival, The Prometheus
Film Festival, the Cigar Box Music Festival…)

LOUD EXCLAMATION OF DISGUST. It’s not like this is a big county, would
it kill people to talk to each other and learn about what’s going on
in their home community? You know what the chief cause of Shit Town
Syndrome is? Everyone assuming they live in a shit town and not
bothering to learn otherwise.

I wish I could say simply keeping up on local media could remedy this
lack of information, but a lot of the questions above come from
journalists. YDR and York Dispatch are more interested in reporting
crime stats, local political infighting, and national news than on
keeping their fingers on the pulse of cultural developments in York

I swear, if I didn’t have too many other projects going on I’d start
the “York County Primer” blog. And I’m a relative newcomer here; I
barely know anything about what’s going on.


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