Booknotes: The Power of Less p. 9

Which areas of my life are overwhelming?

Time management, especially for side projects. Need to do more with
the kids. House is a mess. Office is a disaster. Not enough space.
Homebuying process. Finances. Keeping up with business tax crap.
Overload of great ideas that I have no time to implement. Need to play
more music, again no time. Which path to pursue to diversify income?
Can’t pursue all at once. Marketing.

What would I like to simplify?

Um… all of the above?

Do I want to limit the posessions I have?

Looking out over my office… yes. Yes I do.

*…What information I receive?”

Yep. Too much noise, not enough signal. Been working on it for a while
but still not perfect.

*…what responsibilities I have?”

Hmmm… not so much. I want to devolve some of the more tedious stuff
to others, so I guess in that sense I do. But as far as the major
responsibilities – husband, father, educator, craftsman, community
organizer – no, I’d rather keep all those.

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