Are you a fan of sanity? Help needed!

So I got me one of my crazy ideas this morning and I need help with
it. I need news stories or personal anecdotes about Americans WORKING
TOGETHER to get stuff done. No effort too small or too large – from
planting trees to feeding the homeless to just having a few beers
together, I’m looking for stories about people putting aside their
political differences and getting shit done. Please comment if you
have such a story. Thanks!

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  1. Jamie Lynn O'Marr November 3, 2010 at 14:24

    Man do I have a lot of these!The first story is old, but a few years ago the Libertarians and the Green party in Maryland sponsored a candidate for Senate together. Lookup “Kevin Zeese.” I did a little minor work promoting his campaign. Also, the Libertarian, Green, and Populist parties in Maryland have done quite a bit of third party coalition building.On a more personal note, my best friend is a Communist. Not in the joking way I call anyone who disagrees with a me a communist, but for real, in the “thinks everyone should be taxed almost 100% of their income, and equal services and employment should be provided for everyone” kind of way. She self identifies as a communist. I actually think her views ar more socialistic, but still, she’s pretty much the polar opposite of me in terms of political philosophy, yet we garden together, and are both huge proponents of the local food movement in our social group. We inspire people together to eat better and eat locally. I haven’t run the statistics, but together I’m pretty sure we’ve inspired at least a dozen or more of our friends to sign up for local CSAs. This weekend I’m going to Hagerstown to help repair the roof of a friend who is having financial difficulties. I’ll be working with her dad, a long time family friend who is also a school teacher and thinks my ideas about unschooling are totally nuts. I’m sure if I thought for more than a few seconds I could come up with dozens of stories like this.

  2. i don’t have an impressive one, but just now i worked (volunteer) with some other boro committee members on digging 23 holes for trees for a new town arboretum we’re creating. (the same folks who run our town farmers market and maintain a lot of the town landscaping.) we didn’t talk politics, and i don’t know their positions, we just got stuff done for the town. does that count? also, yesterday i tried to encourage everyone i know on fb to vote, and i know for a fact many of them don’t vote as i generally do, but i still felt it was important to put your money where your mouth is, or else shut up.

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