The podcast slog

Because I just finished another podcast and I feel like bitching…

Here are the steps that go into making a Wide

  1. Interview someone. This is the fun part!
  2. Make a copy of my podcast template in Audacity.
  3. Import the interview recording into the project.
  4. Convert the recording to a single channel.
  5. Listen to the entire recording to check for audio issues.
  6. Edit out the pre- and post-interview chatter, and make any other
    necessary edits for time or content. This can be quick or very
    time-consuming, depending on the recording.
  7. Run the compressor on the recording.
  8. Jot down some notes for an intro.
  9. Record the intro. This usually requires a couple of takes.
  10. Convert the intro to a single channel.
  11. Run the compressor on the intro.
  12. Align and do appropriate fade-ins and fade-outs for intro music,
    intro, pre-interview bumper, interview, post-interview bumper,
    wrap-up, and exit music. This takes a while.
  13. Export to MP3.
  14. Set MP3 metadata.
  15. Upload the MP3 to Dreamhost.
  16. Start a new blog post.
  17. Set blog post category and tags.
  18. Hunt down a photo of the interviewee. Edit it if necessary to get
    the right size.
  19. Attach the photo to the post.
  20. Find URLs for author’s Twitter, home page, their company home page
    and twitter, and any tools or services mentioned during the interview.
  21. Write up show notes. Include above URLs. Insert Powerpress macro.
  22. Write a blurb for the “excerpt” field, which is what shows on the home page.
  23. Copy the filename of the MP3 into the appropriate field. Verify it.
  24. Publish!

All in all it’s a tedious process take upwards of three hours.

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