Now they are coming for your peanut butter & jelly

I flew out of Austin today, where I packed a lunch for the plane. When my bag went through the scanners, it was selected for a more detailed search. After opening my bag and going through my stuff, the agent told me that he would have to take my sandwich. The jelly was considered a liquid, and since it was not in a 3oz container, he would have to take it. He then told me to pack my bag myself and move along. As I am packing, THE AGENT STARTS EATING MY SANDWICH. When I confronted him about this, he told me that I was threatening a govt. agent

Yes, this is another uncorroborated story, but I don’t feel guilty passing it along because a) it’s hilarious; b) it’s completely believable; and c) all it implies is that some TSA agents are dicks.

And also because our PB&J sandwiches are precious, and when they come for the PB&J that means the terrorists have won.

Personally, I’m going to eat a PB&J sandwich today just to show the MAN that I’m am un-cowed 😉

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