Thank you, America

For raising my already enormously expensive, under-performing
individual health insurance to even greater levels of expense in the
new year, I wish the voters of America a very hearty…

Merry Christmas and Fuck You.

P.S. Obama, I’m kinda glad you got spanked in the midterms, even if it
was by people who couldn’t balance a lemonade stand budget. Way to
stick it to working families.

P.P.S. There are probably more rational things to be said about this,
but I haven’t had any coffee yet and that letter from my insurance co.
was not the best way to start the morning.

P.P.P.S. Read before commenting: The first couple of comments I received (on Facebook and Twitter) took the position (summarized) “well it’s a broken/incomplete law so you can’t criticize it”. If you were planning on commenting along these lines, please reflect first on the stupidity of such an argument. Thank you.

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