What do gays have against robots?

So an imaginative Maryland senator has put forward the argument
if we let gays get married, next thing you know people will be marrying
androids. I give him points for originality.

The sad thing is, it only took me about 30 seconds of looking into the story
to find pro-gay-marriage commenters laughing at the absurdity
android marriages.

Look, you nitwits, it doesn’t take an expert futurist to see that the way
things are going, we will have android marriages in the foreseeable
future. And when the first human/robot marriages are made official, people
will look back on gay marriage legalization as one of the stepping-stones
towards making it possible. This isn’t far-fetched or ridiculous. It’s an
easy projection based on the pace of technology and the fact of human

The correct response isn’t “Humans? Marry machines? Preposterous! How could
you dream up such filth!”. The correct response is “who the fuck cares who
marries what?” And especially, “why in hell should the government give a
rat’s ass either way?”

The conservatism of supposedly progressive elements is laughable at times.

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