Meanwhile, in grassroots hate news

I’ve repeatedly said the Westboro Baptist stuff is over-publicized; after 20 years they are still a tiny church that nobody—not even hardline conservatives—stands with. If CNN didn’t point cameras at them the vast majority of Americans would never encounter a “God Hates Fags” sign in their entire life.

What troubles me more are videos like these: local, grassroots groups assembling to hurl invective at peaceful American Muslims. Granted, these protesters are STILL a minority, but they represent a much larger movement than the WBC.

Now, in true activist form the video above is also biased: it edits out all mention of the reason these protests were assembled, which was (apparently) because a certain controversial imam with possible terrorist associations was invited to speak at a Muslim charity event. That does not, however, excuse the hateful words of the protesters and of the speakers who addressed them.

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