The Citizen or the Police

There are all kinds of libertarians, which sort of sucks, since maybe if there were fewer we’d amount to something politically. There are anarcho-capitalists, who believe that the market can and should provide all goods including defense; Constitutionalists, who believe that the federal government must contract to fit the enumerated powers as understood before FDR browbeat the Supreme Court into agreeing that Sure, it was up to the federal government whether a man could grow his own wheat to feed his own livestock; minarchists, who support the so-called Night Watchman State, that provides for the common defense and protects against violent crime and fraud and is otherwise nowhere to be found; “pragmatic libertarians” who, when not winning oxymoron contests, argue for maximizing liberty on the grounds that experience shows that freedom makes people happier, more efficient and less quarrelsome; “principled libertarians” who argue for maximizing liberty because rights come from Our Creator or are deducible from elementary postulates of self-ownership. I am a “my sister” libertarian.

An oldie but a goodie that someone dug up the other day.

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