Needed: One assistant

Yeah, so I can’t avoid this any longer. Time to start creating jobs.

I need an assistant. His or her roles will be many and varied.
Certainly they will include managing my calendar. Eventually they may
include all sorts of secretarial tasks.

Actually, the biggest skill I’m looking for is the ability to be
creative and proactive about figuring out how they can help me. I’m
not very good at delegating; I tend to look at all the stuff I do and
think “I couldn’t possibly delegate that”. Or, worse than that,
there’s stuff I’m sure it hasn’t even occurred to me to wonder if I
could delegate it.

So I’m looking for someone who can think up new ways to help me. Beyond that:

  • Excellent English/writing/communication
  • Very computer savvy. Doesn’t have to have any development chops, but
    must really know their way around the internet, Google Docs,
    calendaring, that sort of thing. And none of this “I only understand
    MS Office” business.
  • Probably lots of other stuff I can’t think of right now.

Anyway I’m probably going to put this up on ODesk or one of the other
sites that specailizes in this sort of thing, but if you know someone
trustworthy and deserving, let me know.

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