What’s your favorite DIY family game?

Hey, so we’re on a mountain. Which is awesome. Except it’s rainy, and we don’t want to take the kids out today. And I didn’t remember to pack any games.

The cabin has:

  • Several packs of cards
  • Some dice

SO! I wanna hear about your favorite games that require minimal equipment. Go!


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  1. We used to play gin and gin-rummy in my family. Hearts is fun too. If you’re ambitious: bridge.

    You might also be able to make a set of zombie dice from your dice if you have enough. (You could also change it from zombies to something more family friendly).

    1. Hmmm… I found the Gin rules… would the rules for these “zombie dice” be posted anywhere perchance?

      1. Zombie Dice is a big hit with my family. You need 13 dice and you can see the rules in action in the video at http://www.sjgames.com/dice/zombiedice/

  2. If you have multiple decks, then double/multiple solitaire is fun. Everybody has their own Klondike solitaire build, but the Ace-to-King build piles are common.

  3. Card games for more than 2 players:

    Oh Hell

    See card game rules at pagat.com.

    Dice games:

    Liar’s Dice
    Yahtzee (never played it myself)

  4. Hey avdi!

    Try out http://cardpirates.com/rules – I wrote it last summer. You only need a pack of cards and some counters.

    Have fun!

  5. Crazy Eights (basically Uno), Go Fish, Greasy Foreheads, Blackjack, Craps.

  6. Shithead. Nice mix of luck and skill, you can introduce rules gradually for noobs. Every family should have their own rules!


    Can’t wait until my kids are old enough to teach them.

  7. Egyptian Ratscrew (aka slapjack)

    Also, with the dice you can play craps 🙂

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