Yes, I am in Chicago


As some of you may have noticed from my tweets, I am presently in Chicago. Locals may be wondering: Why, if Avdi is in Chicago, has he not hit me up to have lunch? Does he not like me? Did we not bond, that one time, over that thing???

Alas, dear friends, I am only in town long enough to help teach a class. Which, it turns out, is all-consuming work, leaving barely enough time to get a little introversion decompression time in before crashing each night. In other words: it’s not you, it’s me. I simply didn’t leave enough slack in this trip to catch up with all the wonderful, lovely people I know in this town. You know who you are.

Maybe next time!!

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  1. sometime–when Winter is not descending upon us like like the darkness of a Republican Sweep, we should get you out to Wisconsin.. It’s quite lovely here in summer..

    Have a great trip!

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