Not going anywhere

So, just to clarify for readers of my “exit 0” post: I’m not going anywhere.

Yes, I’ve achieved all of the goals that have consumed me for the last 15 years. This doesn’t mean I’m done with life; it just means that I get to pick some new goals, which is kind of cool.

I also have to pay for this lovely new house of ours, so I still have to make a living 🙂 Which means more RubyTapas, more books, etc.

The biggest difference is that I’m going to say “no” more often to new professional opportunities, and “yes” more often to my kids, and my wife, and myself.

But I’m still here. I’ll still travel to conferences. I’ll still be looking for ways to make the programmer community richer and happier.

It’s just that it’s all going to feel like more of a choice now, and less like a necessity. Which is a happy thought.

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