My disdain of sportsball is better than yours

Disinterest in sports among academics and the highly educated is, in my experience, far from passive. I’ve heard people almost compete to explain the depth of their ignorance in sports — one doesn’t even know the rules, one doesn’t own a television, one doesn’t know the first thing about the game.

via Cultivated Disinterest in Professional Sports | copyrighteous.

I’ve been guilty of this.

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  1. Not me! I love soccer and I used to love watching Football. (cannot do so now ethically–and it just doesn’t hold my interest anymore..).

    I think I’m even more academic than you.. 😛 🙂

    1. I liked *playing* soccer. And I still like badminton. And I wish I could have this sports thing in common with other people… I just feel like I was just born without the gene that makes *watching someone else do it* fun for me.

      1. Yeah.. I really only appreciate watching Soccer now–perhaps because I only do so rarely (world cup usually)–and I can appreciate the strategy and skills being performed, just like I would watching really good actors in a movie. It’s a kind of “story” to me in that way.

        Other sports don’t do it for me though in that regard.

        Badminton is the bomb. I haven’t played it in probably 20 years–but I loved it..

  2. I only like watching the sports that I play. I appreciate the players’ technique and the sophistication of the team’s tactics. The emotional investment in a given team is a free ride on the roller coaster, as it were. When they perform exceptionally, I enjoy the rush. When they don’t, it doesn’t bother me.

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