Mike Huckabee admits he’s a moral black hole

Huckabee: I Should Have Pretended To Be Transgender In School To ‘Shower With The Girls

This is the inevitable outcome of Christian (or any religion) “total depravity” thinking. “I am a moral vacuum without God and Uncle Sam to keep me in line, so all I can imagine is how I would have tried to abuse a system in order to get my jollies [and been promptly been disciplined for it, no doubt]. Therefore, we should do psychic damage to hundreds of thousands of struggling transgender kids because dipshit men like me can only think with their dongs. And it’s more important to make it hard for us to sin than to make it easy for other people to exist in the world.”

I wonder if he also objects to the fact that kids in schools were “forced” to be part of the “social experiment” of desegregation.

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