Nostalgia for interwebs past

And the rise of social has flipped the old writer/reader balance, restoring power to the reader. On social media, you share an article because you agree with the take, sure, but also because it says something about you, whether that fact is that you’re angry about a political issue, or that you like cute bunnies, or that you love Back to the Future. Your social media feed is a curation of things you want people to know about you. Inconvenient truths, negative views, or anything too dark will be pushed aside.

Source: 2015 is the year the old internet finally died – Vox

Thought-provoking piece. I’m of an age when it begins to be tempting to look back on the new, exciting world of blogs that I cut my teeth on, and declare it as the “good old days”. Before the dark times. Before Facebook.

The article above indulges in this thinking to a degree, but it also reminded me that a lot of what has changed just reflects the democratization of the web.

(The irony that I am linkblogging this in very 2005 fashion is not lost on me.)

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