My travel cocoon is finally complete



After years of international travel, my sleep cocoon is finally complete!

From top to bottom:

  • Eagle Creek sleep mask: to keep out pesky cabin lights.
  • Bose QC-20 noise-canceling headset: a splurge, and a replacement for my Parrot Zik. The Zik is a great general-purpose headset. But these pack up much smaller, won’t get shoved out of place by my travel pillow, have twice the battery life, and have even better noise suppression.
  • Breathe Healthy dust mask. I bought this after an article clued me in to a benefit of filter masks that had never occurred to me before:  they humidify the air in notoriously dry airplane cabins, which is (supposedly) one of the causes of jet lag.
  • Cabeau Evolution Pillow: The only travel pillow I found that gives adequate support in any position, even if you’re stuck upright in a middle seat. It fastens in front, and it’s essentially a compressible memory foam neck brace.
  • Eagle Creek Cat Nap Blanket (not pictured): never trust an airline to provide an adequate blanket. This one has a super-power: foot pockets, to keep it from sliding off your feet while wearing it sitting down. And it packs up into its own pocket.
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  1. This isn’t even my final form!
    But seriously though, great tips. I think I’ll have a look at that dust mask.

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