…and would it kill you to call your poor Uncle Sam??

COOPER: This crisis in flint as you know, as everybody in the room knows was created by the government. Your policies are about expanding government. Why should people from flint trust that more government is the answer?

SANDERS: Listen, I suppose they can trust the corporations who have destroyed Flint by a disastrous trade policy which have allowed them to shut down plants in flint and move to China or Mexico. We could trust them I’m sure. Or maybe — you know, maybe, Anderson, tell you what — we should — maybe we should let Wall Street come in and run the city of Flint… because we know their honesty and integrity has done so much for the American people.

Source: Transcript of the Democratic Presidential Debate in Flint, Mich. – NYTimes.com

It’s like Cooper asked him how he’s going to fix the porch swing, and he said “I tell you one thing Anderson, what I’m not going to do is call your good-for-nothing brother, after the job he did on the back steps!”

This may be the birth of a whole new kind of politics: government-by-guilt-trip!

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  1. Yes, it was a very effective shaming method growing up! In fact, sarcasm and guilting are so familiar, I didn’t immediately see what was so off about it! Those bad men had it coming from Uncle Bernie, those schlemiels!

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