And to Top it All Off…

My bonus was even smaller than I expected. My company calculates profit-sharing bonuses on a division level, so it doesn’t matter that I did well, the location I work at did well, and the subdivision it is part of did well – because of a few profit-sucking black holes in the division, our bonuses amount to just about squat.

Oh, and they just sent us all a mailing informing us that because of new regulations, they will only be handing out stock options to employees who make over $140k (e.g. managers). Somtimes I think this place wants me, and everyone else who actually performs real work, to quit.

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  1. That seems to be the way companies usually work…….
    When Scott got laid off, he was one of the best warehouse supervisors Charter had ever had. His turn around time was shorter, everyone said the warehouse looked better and was more organized, and he “seemed to know where everything is”. The idiots underneath him, supposedly hired to make his job easier, were absolute idiots. They were impossible to train and couldn’t seem to remember anything. They still work there. The decisions companies make are definitely not on an individual level.

  2. Start your own company.

    Call it Wise ASSessments Productions.

    Hire me.

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