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avivahg sums up the rest of our weekend well. The only thing I forgot to mention before was that we went to Ascension on Thursday, where netherswandust was kind enough to play “Ilaria”, by The Violet Burning, the CD of which I snuck up to her unbeknownst to my wife. avivahg was suitably surprised and pleased. Part of our online wooing, back before we had met in person, consisted of sending each other MP3s of songs we loved. “Ilaria” was one that I sent her.

Come sail your ships into my shore…

So Sunday was the second bellydance show I’ve been to, and I really like what I’ve seen. Bellydance is both a beautiful artform and the most exquisite expression of the feminine I think I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been to a strip club, but I doubt that a buxom topless dancer in a G-string could ever hope to match the explicit sensuality of a fully-costumed bellydancer. Bellydance says Woman in a way few other modes of expression can match. And the wonderful thing is that it doesn’t favor certain body styles – curvaceous, well-padded women and stick-thin waifs are shown off to equally gorgeous effect.

Of course, watching the show yesterday I started to dream of seeing bellydancers in what my mind’s eye thinks of as their native environment… a big tent or canopy on a warm summer night, with huge, thick rugs strwn with sweet-smelling flower petals covering the ground, reclining on soft cushions, the air redolent with the scent of incense and fresh jasmine, watching the dancers as live musicians played traditional instruments. I wonder if that can be found anywhere…?

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  1. I know that there are shows like that somewhere. I’ve seen them advertised, but not around where I live.

  2. Avivah’s your wife, isn’t she? Could you let her know I would be interested in friending her too? I understand about friends-only and if she doesn’t want to, that’s fine. But she should know her LJ is probably pretty cool. I finally figured out she is your wife. (A few steps behind you on that one.)

    1. The key way to alert me to the fact that you want to “friend me” is to simply do so. From there I will investigate you further and decide whether I want the “friending” to be mutual. I made a public entry just for you since your comments are restricted to “friends only”. :-p

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