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  1. Actually I plan on having a zombie movie party. 8-10 hours of zombie movies

    1. OMG! He began a sentence with the word, “Actually”!

      *runs screaming with hands over ears*

  2. Why not? I mean, if things like the Lord of the Rings franchise can make a zillion dollars, why not zombie movies? C’mon, you can’t tell me that the dude in the elf ears wasn’t a zombie! And what about the guy that tried to kill the shortie for the ring? He was definitely a zombie! And the freaky guy that all the girls are drooling over? With the weird name? Yup. He’s a zombie.

    Yeah. I kinda took that and ran with it. Sorry.

    1. Oh, and I suppose you want me to believe that they all just kept their little brains habit off-camera for three whole movies…?

      1. *nods*

        Didn’t you hear? It was in their contracts. $4.3 zillion per movie, plus all the fresh brains they could eat….

    2. I’d just like to comment that Peter Jackson directed Dead Alive, quite possibly the best zombie movie EVER

      1. SEE!! That just provies my theory!

  3. So, Avdi…

    You’re not scared of Zombies, are you?

    1. I’m scared of zombies. *sticks out lower lip and looks scared*

      1. Poor baby. *growls at the thought of zombies scaring you*

        1. *Hides from zombies behind Shang*

  4. zombies are biblical

    Check out matthew 25. It talks about the dead walking the streets. If that’s not a zombie…

    I’m not big on zombie films, but I am a HUGE paul w.s. anderson fan, so of course resident evil falls into the category of ‘my favorite films’. On the other hand, if you’re into horror like I am, you’ll take whatever you can get.

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