Nixer’s Birthday

Here’s some photos I took at nixer‘s birthday party Friday night. I can provide 1600×1200 versions if anyone wants them.

The birthday kitty:

No birthday party is complete without a visit from Birthday Man!

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  1. You got a great shot of my pussy thanks for taking pictures 🙂 And thanks for the profile shot, I’ve never had one of those taken. (ps, can i get a tarball of all of the pictures?)


      (Warning, it’s 6.9MB. That’s the full set at 1600×1200)

    2. Mmmmm…pussy…

  2. Mind if I image link to the birthday-man pic?

    1. Help yourself!

  3. awww pictures of my hammy. mind if I snag them?

    1. go fer it 🙂

      1. Very cool. That is happy stuff. I don’t have very many pictures of Ian.

        Sorry I hid from your camera that night. I was looking pretty icky. If we should end up in the same place some time in the near future I will not hide from it.

        btw- It was nice meeting you and Stacey. You were both very pleasant to me.

        1. It was nice meeting you too. I would have liked to have talked more, but I know you were feeling pretty lousy. I felt bad for you all evening, and in retrospect I felt like a lout for not helping out more.

          1. Pah, it is no issue. I thank you for your concern. I really did have a good time and enjoyed myself despite everything.

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