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  1. what’s for dinner?

    1. Persian banana & pear haroset
      Hummus, muhammara and flatbread
      Tabouli & romaine lettuce
      Vegetarian kibbeh
      Zucchini with garlic & lemon

      1. i’ll be right over. *smile*

      2. Yeah, I’ll be right over too… even though you don’t know me. :p

  2. Did you IM me earlier today? *confused*

  3. Hi Avdi’s mom!

  4. /wave at Avdi’s mom

  5. Mwehenixmachnefwahha

    Oh. er. Hi Avdi’s mom. I think Avdi needs a new llama… the old one has been biting people a bit too much lately.

    1. GAH! GEORGE! ~runs from snapping llama~

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