Why LJ Memes Suck

Moose or Studebaker?

A Parody Meme by avdi

For stylish decoration, do you prefer:

  • Antlers
  • Hood Ornament

When you change location from one place to another, do you do it on:

  • Hooves
  • Wheels

After a long day of work, you relax with a nice cold glass of:

  • Water
  • Gasoline

OK, maybe I exagerate a little. But not by much. I almost never take these LJ test-memes because there’s no sense of mystery. Nobody bothers to make the questions sufficiently abstract to leave the test-taker in any doubt as to where his or her answers will lead. What’s the point?

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  1. it’s all about procrastination, in my book… if i have something to do, i look at my friends page and do a few memes… and then i read comments, and make comments…

    so i don’t have to do what i’m suposed to… it’s not at all about self-discovery or any of that stuff.

    see? the cycle is never-ending!!!!

  2. ack!

    You have to post the answers so I know if I’m a moose or a studebaker!

  3. Time wasters. Besides, they aren’t MEANT to be taken seriously. Its all in fun.

    1. I don’t take them seriously. I just think they’d be more fun if there was some suspense as to the results.

  4. mine shall rule 😛

    i almost never do em, and i agree id prefer to see some more interesting ones. short and interesting. i think ive almost developed one actually i just have to ponder the mechanics a little.

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