General Update

Pious Augustus is a fucking pussy. He cried like a little bitch when I broke his precious Essence of Uliaoth. It was annoying, so I killed him with his own stick. Then Xelotath got all full of herself, like she was all that and it wasn’t me who summoned her ass in the first place. So I bitch-slapped her and sent her to her room for a millenia. Ungrateful prat.

There’s something surreal about having giant bugs whizzing by on the way to work.

There was something else, but I forget now.

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  1. Uh, babe? Is that you? You sound like one o’them young’ns these days.

  2. I love the bugs, I think that they are so cute.

    1. Me too. With their big eyes and their easygoing ways, who wouldn’t find them adorable?

      1. amazingly a lot of people. What I have been doing a lot recently is saving their lives when they happen to unfortunately land on their back 🙁

  3. heeheehee you rock. oh the insanity.

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