I Never Expected Hell to Have Beige Walls

An actual quote from the manual I’m reading:

A baseline project is the project version on which you base your project. A baseline contains a set of projects that are used as baseline projects. Each project uses a project from the baseline as it’s baseline project.

At this point I am, indeed, afraid of baseline.

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  1. Sounds like a fancy ass way of saying “inheritence”. Along those same lines, check out microsoft’s website and look up what “.net experience” means. On the other hand don’t, i’d rather you not have to suffer that.

    1. Come to think of it, that’s probably a pretty good analogy. Imagine inheritance where the child doesn’t refer directly to it’s parent, but rather discovers it’s parent via queries through several levels of indirection, and you’d have a pretty good idea of it.

      Can we say “overkill”?

  2. All your baseline are belong to us.

    Er, yeah, I’m done.

    1. *snort*

      what are you done with?

      1. It’s a phrase I often use that began as an inside joke that got blown way out of proportion.

        Basically, it just means that I’m done “being a dork” (though, it’s something I do best.)

    2. “All your baseline are belong to us.

      Er, yeah, I’m done.”

      Damn, you beat me to it!

    3. Take off every ineritance

  3. Re: hmmm…




    1. Re: hmmm…

      I’m assuming you’ve seen this:

      There are supposedly a couple other videos on the site, but i’ve only found sound clips.

  4. might I suggest retaliating with the following…

    Person 1: Who’s on first baseline…
    Person 2: What’s on the second baseline?
    Person 1: I don’t know…
    Person 2: No, that’s in the third baseline?

    1. Re: might I suggest retaliating with the following…

      haha! Love it.

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